Is buying a Jade Roller worth it?

What is a Jade Roller?

The Jade Roller is a facial massaging tool made from the crystal called Jade.

It is dual ended and has a long oval shaped stone for bigger parts of your face and a smaller stone on the other end for smaller areas of the face – like the under-eye area.

Jade Rollers originated in the seventh century in China and has been used in skin care for thousands of years.


What does it do?

This dual-ended tool helps to reduce the puffiness of the face AND it gives a toning effect which is AWESOME because you don’t need to feel guilty for eating that last slice of pizza anymore!


It encourages lymphatic drainage, boosts circulation and blood flow granting a visible glow to your face. Who doesn't want their face to glow?


Not getting enough sleep from binge watching your favourite show on Netflix?

Cried before going to bed because your crush just won’t text you back?

 -this iconic tool also helps reduce the puffy under-eye bags!


How does it feel?

 This crystal has a cool touch and a smooth texture.


How to use it?

Use the bigger stone across your cheeks, neck, jawline  and your forehead area. Use the smaller stone for smaller areas of the face such as your under-eye area.


Ensure that you are rolling in an upward direction as jade rollers are meant to “lift” the face.


The duration of rolling should be 3 – 5 minutes daily either in the morning, night or both.


It is best to use it with a moisturizer and/or serum as it helps your skin to better absorb the products.



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